BOLA flip page catalog
BOLA flip page catalog

Typical range of applications for tubing made of fluoroplastics (PTFE, PFA, FEP)

  • For transport of aggressive products such as acids, lyes, gases and solvents
  • For analysis- or measuring devices of chromatography and laboratory
  • As product lines in miniplant systems
  • As dosing lines for reaction vessels
  • In liquid chromatography; high-purity tubing without additives (e.g. softeners) which could destroy analysis
  • As covering of mechanically operated parts, e.g. bowden wires (due to the low coefficient of friction)
  • As covering of sensors in chemical plants For transport of lacquers, oils, resins and food products
  • As covering of heating elements in galvanic stations and microelectronics
  • Antistatic tubing in explosive applications

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