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Tri-Clamp Fittings

Tri-Clamp is a standardized fitting system which is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry for all kind of applications that require easy to clean, reliable and safe to assemble components.

Besides the low dead volume, the easy assembly is another advantage of the Tri-Clamp system. The flangelike connectors are pressed on each other and secured with a locking clip.

A suiting gasket provides additionally a reliable sealing. The wing screw on the locking clip allows a fast loosening and closing of the connection whenever necessary.

Using BOLA Tri-Clamp-Fittings, hard walled tubes and tubing made of glass or plastics can easily be connected to the GL threaded sockets of the single components by using BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints. This connection is tight and can be operated under pressure and vacuum. All BOLA Tri-Clampconnectors are made of PTFE and therefore provide a high chemical as well as thermal resistance. All components can be sterilized if necessary.

BOLA products with Tri-Clamp are manufactured as per the standard DIN 32 676. Other dimensions or adaptors for transition to other threads can be offered on request.

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