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A further development of the classic Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) with additional modifier (PPVE). Due to a five times lower molecular weight going along with a lower melting viscosity, the single particles merge to an almost pore-free polymer structure. Compared to PTFE, the tightness as well as the barrier effect at the same wall thickness are doubled. The flowing under pressure load, so-called cold flow, is reduced by factor three. This is particularly advantageous at high working temperatures. PTFE-TFM has an almost universal chemical resistance. Sticking of any contaminations is prevented by an extremely smooth surface. Special methods allow a simple and safe heat seal. This material is ideal for e. g. digestion vessels or gaskets. As a consequence of the excellent barrier function, chemicals cannot penetrate the material. Instruments and components made of PTFE-TFM are therefore especially suitable for frequently changed products.

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