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Tolerances of BOLA Tubing

BOLA Tubing is perfectly suitable for the use with all BOLA Screw Joint Systems. You can be sure that all fittings and screw joints fit together with the tubing. The production of tubing always involves certain tolerances in outer diameter and wall thickness.

We always check our tubing repeatedly on the basis of strict BOLA-internal standards. These standards are stricter than the standards which are currently in the market.

Nominal O.D. from 0,4 mm to 3,2 mm
» tolerance of O.D. +/- 0,05 mm

over 3,3 mm to 10,0 mm
» tolerance of O.D. +/- 0,10 mm

over 10,1 mm to 16,0 mm
» tolerance of O.D. +/- 0,15 mm

over 16,1 mm to 22,0 mm
» tolerance of O.D. +/- 0,20 mm

over 22,1 mm
» tolerance of O.D. +/- 0,25 mm

Dimensional tolerances of PTFE, PFA and FEP tubing

All tubing listed herein match the sizes of the BOLA screw joint system. Therefore you can be sure that all fittings and connectors fit together. Practice has proved that all kinds of tubing have certain tolerances in both outer diameter and wall thickness. All tubing stated herein have been checked several times. This inspection based on strict rules stipulated by BOLA that exceed the demands for dimensions or quality control usually applied on the market.

In addition to the outer diameter, the wall thickness is important to evaluate the quality of tubing. We, at BOLA have stipulated stricter limits for the tolerances of the wall thickness than usually applied. Above all, we do not allow cumulative tolerances of the tubing dimensions to result in incorrect wall thickness. Thus, the wall thickness may only vary according to the outer diameter as stated in the chart on the right.

In addition, all tubing is carefully tested whether they show any faults in material (e. g. inclusion of impurities), any longitudinal or horizontal nerves or any reliefs at the outer and inner diameter. 

Tolerances for pure, unfilled PTFE, PFA, FEP tubing

Tolerances for pure, unfilled PTFE, PFA, FEP tubing

Tolerances for antistatic Tubing made of PTFE-EX

Tolerances for antistatic Tubing made of PTFE-EX

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