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GL-fittings and screw caps

GL Fittings

A distribution system consists of tubes or tubing and connection pieces, so-called tube fittings. The BOLA-GL-Fitting-System is a modular system which consists of tube fittings, screw-in fittings, different stopcocks and valves.

All fittings have GL threads so that they can be connected to hard-walled tubing (PTFE, PFA, FEP) or tubes (e.g. glass, metal, plastic) by means of BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints.

Together with these BOLA Laboratory Screw Joints, the connection is absolutely tight and even suitable for vacuum; the screw joints for GL 14, GL 18 and GL 25 even resist pressures up to max. 10 bar at room temperature.

The system is completed by accessories like quick connectors, dirt traps and GL hose connectors.

Screw Caps

BOLA Screw Caps are available as closed caps for closing bottles and vessels with GL thread or as caps with aperture which can for example hold tubes or – in connection with a gasket - be used as septum for sampling. All caps have a handy knurl for easy opening and closing.

They are available for bottle threads GL 14 to GL 45 and are either made of glass-fibre reinforced PTFE, PPS or PBTP. The closed caps are either supplied with an integrated PTFE/silicone gasket or with an integrated PTFE membrane.

The caps which are made of glass-fibre reinforced PTFE have a high chemical resistance and can be used with aggressive products.

PPS offers a high mechanical strength; even caps with small diameters can be closed safely. At the same time, these caps can be used at high temperatures due to a good chemical and thermal resistance.

PBTP caps are an ideal and cheap choice for all applications which do not need high chemical and thermal resistance.

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