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Modular System for Reactor Lids

Modular System for Reactor Lids

Worth knowing on the BOLA Modular System for Reactor Lids

For a short-term realisation of projects in Mini plant installations or in the production of small quantities in chemical and pharmaceutical industry and research, special components are required that help to start up existing reactors flexibly. The components should have a very good chemical resistance, a permanent durability and should be easily cleanable at the same time.

All these requirements are met by the BOLA Modular System for Reactor Lids adapted for standard glass reactors with flat flange from SCHOTT® for sizes DN 60, DN 100 and DN 150.

The Modular System consists of Reactor Lids with different screw-in threads as well as different connections for transition to ground joint components, as stirrer bearings, for connection of probes or tubes and tubing, and stoppers, all with NPT screw-in thread.

By means of the screw-in connections, the Reactor Lid can be arranged to the requirements of your application and project. Thus, a lid can be used most versatile and economic.

All Reactor Lids dispose of a centric screw-in thread NPT for connection of a stirrer bearing. The lateral necks, that even dispose of NPT screw-in threads, are arranged round the centric connector. The special clou is that the angles of lateral necks are made for an insertion of probes and tubes aside the centre in order to avoid collisions with the stirrer shaft and further inserted components.

The large choice of different inserts allows to connect existing equipment with ground joint such as Liebig condensers and dropping funnels as well as GL thread such as lead-in for sensors. The already existing equipment can be further used.

Worth knowing on the BOLA Modular System for Reactor Lids

All features at a glance:

  • Easy assembly
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Compatible with glass reactors with SCHOTT®-flat flange
  • Completely made of PTFE, universal chemical resistance
  • With connectors for the use of existing equipment with ground joint or GL thread
  • Also as conductive version made of PTFE-EX

Selection and Assembly:

  • Choose a lid that fits onto the flange of your glass reactor, as well as the number of connectors needed.
  • Choose the necessary transition fittings according to NPT threads in the chosen lid.
  • Mount the transition fittings into the connectors of the reactor lid. The lid is now ready for service.
  • All fittings can be acquired separately and can be exchanged amongst each other depending on the NPT thread.

Custom Manufacture – Lid and Fitting

If we do not even have the correct reactor lid in our wide range, we are pleased to offer you a modified reactor lid or modified components accordingly. Just give us a call: 0049 9346 9286-0 or send us a little sketch with the requested component by e-mail to

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