BOLA flip page catalog
BOLA flip page catalog

Please note:

All information is based on current technical knowledge, experience and manufacturers’ data. Users should check the suitability of parts and materials described in the catalogue before purchase.

BOLA does not accept any warranty claims as to suitability and fitness of purpose of the materials and products described in this catalogue. Users should avoid making any assumptions on, or interpretation of, the data herein. Therefore we cannot provide warranty and cannot accept responsibility for any damage.

Additionally, an overview stating the chemical resistance of all BOLA materials against many different substances from A like Accumulator Acid up to Z link Zinc Nitrates is available for download on our website in pdf-format:

BOLA materials - physical properties

Clearly arranged at a glance: all mechanical, thermal and electrical properties as well as gas permeability of our different materials can be found in this PDF document.

> Download BOLA materials - physical properties (PDF, 44 KB)

BOLA materials - chemical resistance

From acetaldehyde to zinc nitrate, from A to Z. In this document you can find the most important information about the chemical resistance of all BOLA materials. And if you still miss a substance: give us a call at +49(0) 93 46 – 92 86 0. Or use our contact form.

> Download BOLA materials - chemical resistance (PDF, 155 KB)

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