Hose Connectors (with Nut) | BOLA

Hose Connectors (with Nut) | BOLA
Chemical resistance: +++ universal
Vacuum: suitable
Temperature resistance: from -20°C to +200°C
Material: PFA, PPS
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FDA conformFDA conform:
All parts coming into contact with the fluid are from materials that correspond to FDA requirements. A certificate of conformity is included with each shipment.

Technical information

Material Safety Data Sheets

Thread [GL] O.D. of hose connector [mm] I.D. of hose connector [mm] Length with nut [mm] Cat-no. Price*/piece Select the quantity for an offer or order and place it in the shopping cart
14 8,7 6,0 45 D581-02
18 10,4 7,0 51 D581-04
25 16,0 10,0 68 D581-06
32 21,0 16,0 80 D581-08
D581-02 - Oliven (mit Mutter), gerade | BOLA
Thread [GL] 14
O.D. of hose connector [mm] 8,7
I.D. of hose connector [mm] 6,0
Length with nut [mm] 45
D581-04 - Oliven (mit Mutter), gerade | BOLA
Thread [GL] 18
O.D. of hose connector [mm] 10,4
I.D. of hose connector [mm] 7,0
Length with nut [mm] 51
D581-06 - Oliven (mit Mutter), gerade | BOLA
Thread [GL] 25
O.D. of hose connector [mm] 16,0
I.D. of hose connector [mm] 10,0
Length with nut [mm] 68
D581-08 - Oliven (mit Mutter), gerade | BOLA
Thread [GL] 32
O.D. of hose connector [mm] 21,0
I.D. of hose connector [mm] 16,0
Length with nut [mm] 80
Product description GL 14 and GL 18 hose connectors made of PFA, GL 25 and GL 32 hose... more
Product information "Hose Connectors (with Nut) | BOLA"

Product description

GL 14 and GL 18 hose connectors made of PFA, GL 25 and GL 32 hose connectors made of PTFE. With elastic sealing lip, FPM o-ring and nut made of PPS. Available as straight or bent type. Universal chemical resistance, for working temperatures up to max. +200°C. The flowing product is only exposed to PFA or PTFE.


For connecting elastic tubing to GL-threaded equipment.
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