GL Tube Fittings Elbow | BOLA

GL Tube Fittings Elbow | BOLA
Material: PTFE
Chemical resistance: +++ universal
Vacuum: suitable
Temperature resistance: -200°C to +250°C
Pressure: 10 bar
FDA conformFDA conform:
All parts coming into contact with the fluid are from materials that correspond to FDA requirements. A certificate of conformity is included with each shipment.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Thread [GL] Bore dia. [mm] Length [without screw joint mm] Wrench size [square mm] Cat-no. Price*/piece Select the quantity for an offer or order and place it in the shopping cart
14 6,5 37 20 D539-14
18 10,5 39 20 D539-18
25 14,5 51 27 D539-25
32 21,0 58 33 D539-32
45 32,5 73 48 D539-45
D539-14 - Winkelstücke GL | BOLA
Thread [GL] 14
Bore dia. [mm] 6,5
Length [without screw joint mm] 37
Wrench size [square mm] 20
D539-18 - Winkelstücke GL | BOLA
Thread [GL] 18
Bore dia. [mm] 10,5
Length [without screw joint mm] 39
Wrench size [square mm] 20
D539-25 - Winkelstücke GL | BOLA
Thread [GL] 25
Bore dia. [mm] 14,5
Length [without screw joint mm] 51
Wrench size [square mm] 27
D539-32 - Winkelstücke GL | BOLA
Thread [GL] 32
Bore dia. [mm] 21,0
Length [without screw joint mm] 58
Wrench size [square mm] 33
D539-45 - Winkelstücke GL | BOLA
Thread [GL] 45
Bore dia. [mm] 32,5
Length [without screw joint mm] 73
Wrench size [square mm] 48
Product description Tube fitting elbow-shaped made of PTFE, two connections with GL thread.... more
Product information "GL Tube Fittings Elbow | BOLA"

Product description

Tube fitting elbow-shaped made of PTFE, two connections with GL thread. Universal chemical resistance, the product is only exposed to PTFE.


For distributing liquids or gases. As reduction for connecting different diameters of tubes or tubing.
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