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BOLA flip page catalog

The GL Screw Joint System

Component parts:

A GL-threaded neck
B Sealing ring
C Tapered ring
D V-ring
E Screw cap with internal cone
F Tubing or tube
G Tapered ring with O-Ring behind PTFE sealing lip (only for screw joints for tubing dia. under 3 mm)

Component parts:
Component parts:

1. Push the screw cap on the tubing/tube
2. Push V-ring, tapered ring and then sealing ring on the tubing/tube
3. Tighten the screw cap on the GL-threaded neck – ready

How to make your order

A screw joint always consists of two elements

1. Fitting (straight, elbow, T-shape or a GL thread of a glass device)
2. Laboratory screw joint as connection between fitting and tubing/tube

Example 1

How to make your order

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