Safety advice

Main risks and adversarial effects

Fluoroplastics are inert plastics, at normal use there are no risks for human health and environment. If the material is exposed to temperatures of more than +350 °C, it is possible that hazardous materials such as HF, COF2 and others are released and can cause bad chemical burns which are not immediately noticeable.

Symptoms after contact

The materials released during thermal decomposition are very dangerous when getting in contact with eyes, skin or when being breathed in.

Eyes: Redness, irritation, burning
Skin: Redness, irritation, burning
Breathing in: Headache, shortness of breath, illness, shivering, fever (“polymerisation-fever”, raised pulse).

Special instructions for the case of breathing in:
The symptoms might only start some hours after breathing in. It is extremely important to seek medical advice to avoid lasting impacts!

First aid procedures

After breathing in it is extremely important to seek medical advice. The person concerned should immediately be brought to a place with fresh air. It is also necessary to give him/her oxygen.

  • In case of apnoea it is necessary to give artificial respiration, possibly by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In case of eye contact rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes.
  • In case of skin contact wash immediately with water and soap (especially the skin under the nails).
  • Additionally seek medical advice!


Dangers of fire

There are possible risks due to acid and toxic production which can occur during thermal decomposition (HF and COF2).

Precautionary measures in case of fire:
Take away the product from the fire but be careful. Stay against the wind direction and in sufficient distance. Appropriate extinguishing agents are water, CO2, foam, earth/sand. Wear special clothes such as respirator and skin protection against HF-vapours.


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