Zebra Explosion-Proof Tubing | BOLA

Chemical resistance: +++ universal
Temperature resistance: -200°C to +260°C
Conductivity: 1.000 kOhm
Material: PFA EX
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FDA conformFDA conform:
All parts coming into contact with the fluid are from materials that correspond to FDA requirements. A certificate of conformity is included with each shipment.

Technical information

Material Safety Data Sheets

O.D. [mm] Bending radius (1) [mm] Burst pressure (2) [bar] I.D. [mm] Wall thickness [mm] Cat-no. Price*/m Select the quantity for an offer or order and place it in the shopping cart
3,0 15 57 2,0 0,5 S1855-30
6,0 25 57 4,0 1,0 S1855-40
8,0 50 41 6,0 1,0 S1855-50
10,0 80 32 8,0 1,0 S1855-60
12,0 130 27 10,0 1,0 S1855-64
S1855-30 - Zebra-Ex-Schutz Schläuche | BOLA
O.D. [mm] 3,0
Bending radius (1) [mm] 15
Burst pressure (2) [bar] 57
I.D. [mm] 2,0
Wall thickness [mm] 0,5
S1855-40 - Zebra-Ex-Schutz Schläuche | BOLA
O.D. [mm] 6,0
Bending radius (1) [mm] 25
Burst pressure (2) [bar] 57
I.D. [mm] 4,0
Wall thickness [mm] 1,0
S1855-50 - Zebra-Ex-Schutz Schläuche | BOLA
O.D. [mm] 8,0
Bending radius (1) [mm] 50
Burst pressure (2) [bar] 41
I.D. [mm] 6,0
Wall thickness [mm] 1,0
S1855-60 - Zebra-Ex-Schutz Schläuche | BOLA
O.D. [mm] 10,0
Bending radius (1) [mm] 80
Burst pressure (2) [bar] 32
I.D. [mm] 8,0
Wall thickness [mm] 1,0
S1855-64 - Zebra-Ex-Schutz Schläuche | BOLA
O.D. [mm] 12,0
Bending radius (1) [mm] 130
Burst pressure (2) [bar] 27
I.D. [mm] 10,0
Wall thickness [mm] 1,0
Product description Transparent PFA tubing with black longitudinal conductive stripes on the... more
Product information "Zebra Explosion-Proof Tubing | BOLA"

Product description

Transparent PFA tubing with black longitudinal conductive stripes on the outer surface. The tubing is absolutely round and can be connected to all common fittings.

Product advantages

» the flowing product is only exposed to PFA
» no chemical restrictions due to the outer conducting stripes
» resistance less than 1000 kOhm
» smoth, non-porous interior surface
» clear visibility of the flowing products
» no corrosion unlike metal lines or metal meshes
» almost universal chemical resistance


» antistatic applications
» in explosive ambiance (explosion protection)
» for transport of highly flammable solvents or alcohols
» for transport of highly pure chemicals and gases

(1) Bending radius: minimum bending radius in mm at a room temperature of 23°C

(2) Burst pressure: computed value in bar at a room temperature of 23°C. It is recommended to restrict the maximum working pressure to 25% of the burst pressure. For higher temperatures, this value has to be multiplied by a reduction factor. It is the users responsibility to check if the used tubing fulfills the respective requirements.
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