FFKM – Perfluoro-Caoutchouc

An elastic sealing material with natural recovery and good accommodation to the sealing surfaces and a chemical resistance comparable with PTFE. FFKM O-rings have a very high chemical and thermal resistance. Such seals can withstand virtually all kinds of chemicals and can be used at long duration conditions with temperatures up to +260 °C. Perfluoro-caoutchouc is better known under the trade names KALREZ® by DuPont, CHEMRAZ® by Greene Tweed, respectively DyneonTM Perfluoroelastomers PFE by Dyneon.



GRÜNSFELD/ TAUBERBISCHOFSHEIM. At the end of April, the award of the Future Prize 2020 took place by the Main-Tauber-Kreis.
In 2020, Bohlender launched the new product line "b.safe". This brand name stands for professional safety solutions in the HPLC...

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