THV – Tetrafluorethylene-Hexafluorpropylene-Vinylidenfluoride Terpolymer

THV consists of the monomers tetrafluorethylene, hexafluorpropylene and vinylidenfluoride. This fluorothermoplastic has properties close to those of elastomers but does not require vulcanization. This material can be thermoplastic processed by injection moulding or extrusion. Due to the low processing temperature of approx. +200 to +250 °C a corrosion resistant construction of the processing machines might not be necessary. In laboratories, THV is mainly used for non-permeating tubing especially for the transport of hydrocarbons, fuel or mineral oils. In the lab and production areas of the semi-conductor and photovoltaic industry, THV is the preferred material for clean-room curtains as well as for blind tiles and cover plates for machines as it is one of few plastic materials which are FM 4910 approved. This standard includes a low inflammability, low build-up of soot of grime while burning in an external flame, low release of toxic products in case of fire.



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