PVDF – Polyvinylidene Fluoride

A fluoroplastic that can be machined or thermoplastic processed. Characterised by a good to excellent chemical resistance. Unlike PTFE, it is much harder and more rigid but its functional temperature range is lower. Within the range of fluoropolymers, PVDF is the best qualified self-supporting structural material due to its high rigidity. Its advantages over other fluoroplastics are its easy processing, the high mechanical values and the low specific weight. PVDF is mainly used for the production of components used in high-purity water supply systems. It is the only fluorothermoplastic with piezoelectric properties.




Gruensfeld/ Bern. Products of the new BOHLENDER brand b.safe SYSTEM are now used by the Swiss Medicines Agency.
Gruensfeld/ Munich. At the world’s leading exhibition for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology - Analytica in Munich -...

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