BOLA Sleeves – helpful accessories for many applications

All BOLA sleeves are sealing without any grease and the product will not be contaminated by any greasy residues. They are made for creating gastight, liquid-tight and vacuum tight ground joint connections.

Sealing rings on the outside of the sleeves and a low friction coefficient prevent sticking of the ground joints. This reduces the danger of breaking and injury.

The sleeves have an excellent chemical resistance and can be used at working temperatures between -200°C and + 250°C.

Their solid construction (partly with gripping ring) makes them suitable for continued use.

All common joint clamps can still be used.

The sleeves are available for European and American ground joint sizes.



GRÜNSFELD/ TAUBERBISCHOFSHEIM. At the end of April, the award of the Future Prize 2020 took place by the Main-Tauber-Kreis.
In 2020, Bohlender launched the new product line "". This brand name stands for professional safety solutions in the HPLC...

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