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How to determine the correct thread type

You need the following dimensions for identifying the correct type and size of a thread:
1. the outer diameter of the thread
2. the thread pitch. The thread pitch is the distance from one thread crest to the other.

Step 1:
Use a sliding calliper for the determination of the outer diameter of your thread.

Step 2:
Use a thread gauge for identifying the exact thread pitch. Alternatively, you can use a sliding caliper to measure the distance between two thread crests.

Finally, the thread type can be determined by comparing your original thread with our schematic drawings. Once you have found a similar type, the actual thread size is identified by comparing the measured dimensions (thread O.D. and pitch) with the typical dimensions stated in the related chart. Follow the link to open the drawings»

Another tipp:
You can determine a thread also by trial and error: screw the part into threads with known size until it fits. If you have problems in determining the thread size, just give us a call: +49(0)9346-9286-0.