BOLA flip page catalog
BOLA flip page catalog

A safe protection against static charging

Prevent static charging by using static dissipative tubes and connecting them to earth. BOLA Antistatic explosion proof tubing can withstand temperatures from -200°C to +250°C and provide a high chemical resistance.

More advantages:
BOLA Antistatic explosion-proof tubings are made of PTFE-EX. Being completely black they are also perfect for light-sensitive substances.
BOLA Zebra explosion-proof tubing is made of PFA with conductive stripes on the outside. Thus the tubing is semi-transparent which allows to control the flowing product.
BOLA Flexible Tubing EX is made of highly flexible, corrugated tubing for tight bending radius.

By the way:
BOLA offers also fittings, screw joints and many more products for EX-protection. Just follow the link here»