Bellows | BOLA

Material: PTFE
Chemical resistance: +++ universal
Vacuum: suitable
Temperature resistance: -200°C to +250°C
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FDA conformFDA conform:
All parts coming into contact with the fluid are from materials that correspond to FDA requirements. A certificate of conformity is included with each shipment.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Cone NS Total minimum length, [mm] Total maximum lengh, [mm] (2) Socket NS [European standard] Cat-no. Price*/piece Select the quantity for an offer or order and place it in the shopping cart
14/23 82 90 14/23 H906-02
19/26 93 105 19/26 H906-04
24/29 110 124 24/29 H906-06
29/32 100 120 29/32 H906-12
45/40 130 170 45/40 H906-14
H906-02 - Faltenbälge | BOLA
Cone NS 14/23
Total minimum length, [mm] 82
Total maximum lengh, [mm] (2) 90
Socket NS [European standard] 14/23
H906-04 - Faltenbälge | BOLA
Cone NS 19/26
Total minimum length, [mm] 93
Total maximum lengh, [mm] (2) 105
Socket NS [European standard] 19/26
H906-06 - Faltenbälge | BOLA
Cone NS 24/29
Total minimum length, [mm] 110
Total maximum lengh, [mm] (2) 124
Socket NS [European standard] 24/29
H906-12 - Faltenbälge | BOLA
Cone NS 29/32
Total minimum length, [mm] 100
Total maximum lengh, [mm] (2) 120
Socket NS [European standard] 29/32
H906-14 - Faltenbälge | BOLA
Cone NS 45/40
Total minimum length, [mm] 130
Total maximum lengh, [mm] (2) 170
Socket NS [European standard] 45/40
Product description Made of PTFE, with sharp folds and sealing rings on the outside of the... more
Product information "Bellows | BOLA"

Product description

Made of PTFE, with sharp folds and sealing rings on the outside of the cone; maximum deflection: 120°.


Strainless connection of ground joint equipment; for compensating vibrations from vacuum pumps; for length compensation of heated columns; angular misalignment.
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