Licensing authority relies on SYSTEM

The existing solvent disposal units at the Swiss Medicines Agency had to be replaced and therefore, the manufacturing company BOHLENDER GmbH from Gruensfeld had the chance to supply and install completely new systems.

The disposal systems used so far were no longer up to date and are now replaced by high-quality systems, which ensure a trouble-free operation for years to come.

As a pilot system, a selected disposal unit was equipped with waste funnels, desktop mounts, tubing, stopcocks, waste caps and alarm electronics specially designed for the users’ needs. The specialists Ignat Späth and Dominik Werner installed the new system on site and handed it over to the satisfied customer during a detailed technical briefing.

Since functional as well as optical perfection is a high priority in this laboratory, the new development of an optimised canister positioner was decided together with the customer in addition to the installed system. As a specialised manufacturer in the plastics sector, the implementation of such special solutions is of course no problem for BOHLENDER who has taken care of the planning immediately.

The quality and functionality of the products as well as their smooth installation convinced the customer to equip their laboratories completely with the products of SYSTEM.

"It was another exciting and successful project for us. As a developer and manufacturer of SYSTEM, it is a great thing to be able to accompany all the steps from the conception to the prototyping, the market launch, the manufacture of the products, right through to the final installation at the user's premises," says Ignat Späth happily.

Numerous further installation appointments have been scheduled in the meantime and therefore the installation team at BOHLENDER GmbH will be significantly enlarged in the medium term - for even more clout in the field.