BOHLENDER GmbH was awarded the Future Prize for Innovation of the Main Tauber District

- what does it mean exactly?

 HPLC is the leading analysis method in the lab to separate mixtures of substances for pharmaceuticals, food, environmental and material samples in order to examine the concentration and purity of a substance. However, experts face a number of challenges in the lab, especially when it comes to maximum protection against dangerous vapours and chemicals. “Before, professional equipment that enables a safe and efficient operation with solvents in HPLC was not available directly from the manufacturer”, says Volker Bohlender, managing director. Using temporary solutions made of aluminium foil or caps with self-drilled holes were common practice. Of course, these could not provide the necessary tightness.

Our solution are Caps – equipped with all accessories for a safe, efficient and easy solvent extraction.



“Of course, Bohlender has also developed perfect products for a safe disposal of solvents. At the end of each HPLC process, harmful solvent waste has to be collected in special containers without escaping of any vapours or fluids”, explains product specialist Renée Keth. The answer are Waste Caps and Exhaust Filters that can be installed on special containers for waste disposal.



In thisway, Bohlender’s new developed products contribute to an improvement in health protection in laboratories all over the world. “Moreover, labs can increase their performance and effectively save resources”, says Dominik Werner, sales manager.

Managing director Volker Bohlender is happy to be awarded the Future Prize for Innovation for his new product line This award honours the excellent performance of his employees, starting from the development of up to its launch.

This prize is offered by the Promotion of Trade and Industry of the Main Tauber District every two years and the official award ceremony will be held by Reinhard Frank, district administrator, on 22 April 2021.