Traditionally, this ceremony is held with supervisors, close associates, husband or wife and mayor. However, special times require special compromises. The 30-years´ anniversary of Eugen Hellinger on 14th May 2020 fell in the current Corona crisis and, thus, could not take place as usually. Nonetheless, Volker Bohlender honoured his employee on this special day and thanked him for his engagement and loyalty to the company. In recognition, the jubilarian received a certificate of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as a cheque from the company. Eugen Hellinger´s wife received a flower bouquet that could unfortunately not be handed over personally to her.

30 years ago, Eugen Hellinger made an application for a vacant position in the warehouse of the manufacturer of professional high-performance fluoroplastic labware who had its premises in Lauda back then. The trained industrial clerk was hired and helped to shape the development of the dynamic company since 14th May 1990. A milestone in this period was the company´s relocation from Lauda to Grünsfeld in the newly developed industrial zone on the Waltersberg in 2002. Since then, the warehouse surface has more than doubled onto meanwhile 800 square meters. Eugen Hellinger was appointed to the warehouse team leader in April 2017 and has been responsible since then for three employees. Furthermore, he organizes the setup and dismantling process of diverse trade fairs in the laboratory sector where the BOHLENDER GmbH shows its products of the brands BOLA and SICCO.