No PFOA / APFO use in production

Formerly, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) respectively sal ammoniac (APFO) have been used as additives in the polymerisation process during the production of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE).

The use of these additives was obligatory in the emission polymerization process but has also partly been used in the suspension polymerisation process.

Although PFOA respectively APFO are almost completely removed from the final product and can mostly be regained during the production process, the well-known manufacturers of PTFE have committed themselves by self-declaration to waive the use of PFOA and APFO in any production process as of the production year 2015. With the renunciation of PFOA and APFO it is ensured that these chemicals, which have not been classified as toxical so far, do not accumulate in the environment.

By supplier agreements, BOHLENDER GmbH ensures that all fluoroplastic materials used for our products have been manufactured without the use of the additives PFOA and/or APFO. Besides PTFE and PTFE-TFM, this includes also all fluoro-thermoplastics such as PFA, FEP ETFE or PVDF.




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