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BOLA 3-Way Stopcocks, PTFEGlossaryPTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene 

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Material: PTFEGlossaryPTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene 

Temperature resistance: from 0°C to +110°C

Chemical resistance: +++ universal

Pressure: 2 bar

Product description
2-way stopcock with straight bore and two connections or 3-way stopcock with T-shaped bore and three connections, with nuts made of glass-fibre reinforced PTFEGlossaryPTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene  for connecting tubing or tube. Conical stopcock plug, tightness is increased by turning the nut on the lower side. 3-way stopcock plug with T-shaped mark of flow direction. Universal chemical resistance, the flowing product is only exposed to PTFEGlossaryPTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene .

For distributing liquids or gases. Quick and easy disconnection of flow.

TypeBore shape
Bore dia.
For tubing
O.D. mm
Outer dimensions
LxDxH mm
 3-Wege/3-wayT1,5414 x 259 x 41 x 53E 654-021,00 and more: 65,64 Euro per piece
 3-Wege/3-wayT1,5614 x 259 x 41 x 53E 654-041,00 and more: 66,06 Euro per piece
 3-Wege/3-wayT3,5818 x 274 x 54 x 69E 654-061,00 and more: 101,09 Euro per piece
 3-Wege/3-wayT3,51018 x 274 x 54 x 69E 654-081,00 and more: 101,43 Euro per piece

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