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BOLA HPLC Distributors for Bottles

They consist of a screw cap made of glass-fibre reinforced PPGlossaryPP Polypropylene with GL 45 thread and a movable body with connection ports. All necessary screw joints and gaskets for connecting hard-walled tubing (e.g. PTFEGlossaryPTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene , FEPGlossaryFEPTetraflouroethylene-Perflouropropylene or PFAGlossaryPFA Perfluoroalkoxy ) up to a maximum diameter of 6 mm are included in delivery and make the HPLC distributors usable immediately.

Tubing up to a diameter of 4 mm can be passed and fixed absolutely tightly at the requested immersion depth.

The distributors with stopcocks allow closing unused ports; the FEPGlossaryFEPTetraflouroethylene-Perflouropropylene stopcock plug provides a universal chemical resistance.

Because of the stopcocks, it is not possible to pass the tubing. A connection to the bottom of the bottle can still be made by pushing tubing with O.D. of 5 mm or
I.D. of 6 mm in or on the port on the lower side of the distributor.

A possible unevenness of the bottle neck is adjusted by an o-ring behind an elastic sealing lip, and the bottle is closed tightly. The product is only exposed to the body of the distributor.

The special feature: the body of the distributor can be turned independently from the screw cap. This means, that the completely assembled distributor can be removed and fixed on another bottle without the risk of disarranging the tubing.